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At 22, Lindsay Lohan Is College Age. Do You Think Yale Would Accept Her?

I know the 3 R's: Reefer, roofies and Red Bull "n" VodkaMaybe not in her present state, but ya never know. Of course, it's doubtful if she even got a high school diploma - who needs an education when you're a star? Actually she looks more like a strung-out working girl than an Ivy League student.

Not everyone's given up on her, though. Rumor has it that Warren Beatty wants to cast her in a movie he wants to star in and direct - but only if she agrees to live under his direct supervision, presumably in a guest house or padded dog crate. He's not willing to take any chances and will not work with her under any other circumstances.

This could very well be Lindsay's last chance as a movie star. Beatty is no dummy - he's a brilliant movie maker and has the Oscar, Golden Globes and more than 20 other awards to prove it. If anyone can get another successful performance out of this once-promising girl, it's Warren. I hope she's smart enough to take him up on it.