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Why Is Britney Insane?

From the same week that brought us lip synching Britney, I give you semi nude Britney! Last week a series of semi topless pics of Spears were leaked. Why did she think this was a good idea?

There are many things wrong with these photos. First off, lets take a look at the hat and glasses combo. They aren? t sexy. They aren? t stylish. They? re too big for her head. Guess she didn? t have time to call her stylist for this shoot. Also, what? s up with the coy, flowers-over-the boobs pose? And the look on her face screams that she has cracked.

Even if these were just taken in fun, as a joke, she can? t be mad that they are now public. She is arguably one of the most talked about and sought after stars of the moment. Of coarse if she takes pics with her breasts exposed someone? s gonna sell them. To Brit I say this: why are you flouncing around someone? s garden snapping pictures? Where are your children? What the hell are you thinking?