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Britney Spears, Fashion Adventuress: Sometimes You Want Your Floppy, Sloppy Boobs Falling Out Of Your Dress

Tanning in the convertible takes a tragic turnYou can't tell me that something isn't seriously wrong with this girl. How could anyone in their right mind cram their sloppy boobs back into their dress on a busy California street in broad daylight? Couldn't she at least have sat in the car?

OK, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she's got a hot night planned - maybe even a secret girls' night out with cousin/assistant/surrogate nanny/buffer between Brit and her mom - because she doesn't think anyone knows about how she is with girls, especially when she's partying. I'll play the boy tonight

So maybe this whole tanning topless in the convertible thing was just a desperate last ditch attempt to look her best. But that doesn't make sense. Britney goes out of her way to wear some of the most blatantly tacky clothes known to man - this in-our-faces exhibitionism must be part and parcel with that.

Why, Britney, why?