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It's Amazing What Cutting Cocaine Out Of Your Diet Will Do. Lindsay Is Back And Hotter Than Ever.

LindsayLindsay Lohan, how much hotter could you have possibly gotten while in rehab?

It's insane.

Do they have any openings for me? JEEZ.

Lindsay's fresh out of rehab, participating in an outpatient program and still in Utah. She's toting around Riley Giles, a fellow rehab-er, or that guy with Lindsay who looks like a lost cousin of Brandon and Jason Davis and who's been photographed two out of three times in Wu-tang Clan shirts (but really, who doesn't love Wu-tang Clan? )

Being photographed next to her sloppy boyfriend is making Lindsay look thinner, more tan, and overall, more fabulous. Is that why she's keeping him around?

This could be the greatest, most-calculated PR move for Lindsay's image ever! Toss your bad girl image by dating the fat kid.

The bottom line is that Lindsay looks fierce.

Check out that blue jacket! That New York Dolls top! Chipping nail polish in the same shade as the jacket! WOW.

Rehab did wonders for her, she's channeled her inner-stylist and is probably the hottest thing Utah has ever seen.

Girl is WORKIN' it.