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Life With Alba Part Ii: Social Misfit Gets Frozen Out At Fashion Week

I just love this picture - it's just like high school, isn't it?

Not BFFsBehold the two "popular girls" (don't ask me why), former homewrecker Claire Danes and Julianne Margolies from ER. They're not really A-listers, but they are New Yorkers, and regulars on the scene. Check out the way they're smiling at each other, like, "Get that bitch out of here!" It really is priceless.

Even better, though, is the frozen smile on the Alba's face as the others snicker and giggle behind her back. She's out of place, way out of her league, and she knows it. Just look at her makeup compared to that of Claire and Julianne - Alba looks like she's on the clock and working hard - and look at the style and cut of her party frock dress compared to the sophisticated cut and color of the others. Whoever she's got telling her she looks great like that needs to be taken out back and shot. Which brings us back to that question again: Has anyone seen Cash Warren?