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Just A Stone's Throw: Sharon, Duchess Of Munchausen, Denies Plot Against Son's Feet

I'll remember what you said. Oh, yes, I will.Oh, crap. I've really stepped in it this time. Should I be afraid to step outside my door? Will she be waiting out there like an avenging archer, her quill full of Botox needles instead of arrows? It seems to be her weapon of choice, not that she'd admit it. Even the judge is nervous; they didn't call it a "tentative statement" for nothing.

Concerned that yesterday's revelations of her "overreaction" to her son Roan's alleged medical crises might keep her from society's A-list, Sharon sicced her lawyers on the judge who wrote the decision on her custody case. Saying that Sharon never brought up stabbing her little boy's smelly feet with diluted poison, they claim "Sharon Stone never made this statement. It is a complete fabrication." Way to earn brownie points with the judge!

Funny how she didn't deny the judge's other claims, that she "delegates many of her parenting responsibilities to third parties" and "has simply refused" to participate in counseling unless "her schedule is accommodated and her demands are met". How could she? It's not a secret. People are just afraid of retribution. I mean, really; she practically hand-fed her ex to a man-eating monster lizard for his birthday. Wonder what he did to piss her off that morning.